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Bad habits to be eliminated for better skin. Here are some tips to make everything easier

Most people have the concept that having clear and healthy skin costs a fortune. But, this is a deceptive principle used for marketing skin care items and treatments. You may use the most expensive skin care items cash can purchase, however, these can’t guarantee a clear and blemish-free complexion. Why? Because skincare does not start […]

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Example of acne scars

How to eliminate the problem of acne scars?

How to eliminate the problem of acne scars? Using a new laser technology with the complicity of Anestop In this process, collagen production is stimulated through the fractional laser. This causes discomfort and pain in the patient. The use of Anestop is the ideal solution to avoid unpleasant sensations and a new beautiful face. Among […]

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the local anesthesia for filler

Filler: hyaluronic acid’s miracles

Filler nowadays The simple cosmetic surgery has made gigantic steps in terms of technology and efficacy. Nowadays, beauty treatments and simple plastic surgery take place in day hospital, without the use of scalpel and without pain using topical anaesthetics only, reducing risks and severe discomforts. Topical anesthesia is a cream application on the area to […]

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