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Example of acne scars

How to eliminate the problem of acne scars?

How to eliminate the problem of acne scars? Using a new laser technology with the complicity of Anestop In this process, collagen production is stimulated through the fractional laser. This causes discomfort and pain in the patient. The use of Anestop is the ideal solution to avoid unpleasant sensations and a new beautiful face. Among […]

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The injected substances are different and carefully selected

Mesotherapy and its injections supported by Anestop

Anestop plays a very important role during mesotherapy treatments, attenuating the pain caused by the injections. The use of Anestop in sweet aesthetic medicine is significant and important. The effectiveness of its components and its immediate action make it possible to not perceive any discomfort or pain during cosmetic treatments that are part of this […]

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Hyaluronic acid

Anestop and fillers in a good combination

A perfect adjuvant in dermatological and aesthetic treatments In this article we are going to continue talking about fillers, a real must have for the aesthetic medicine. At this purpose, we simply explain the action of Anestop in cosmetic procedures.  Fillers are considered an excellent remedy to correct facial imperfections that bring often awkward to people, […]

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