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IPL: a safe, effective and painless acne scars treatment thanks to anestop action

With IPL acne marks can be reduced or entirely gotten rid of. IPL is brief for Intense Pulse Light as well as while not a real laser treatment, both techniques rely on beams to get rid of acne marks.  IPL is regularly even more economically pleasant than laser treatments when it involves acne marks. Amongst […]

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A break for the skin with a warm bath

The top 9 indicators of skin care because the beauty of the skin starts from the bathroom of your own home

The list of skin care suggestions is certainly very vast and different depending on the points of view and the philosophies regarding “do it yourself”. However, dermatologists and beauticians limit this list to nine actions, because more of them would be not only difficult to remember, but also the shadow of the most important skin […]

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Anestop tattoos removal beauty - topical anesthetic


The fashion of tattoos is now joined by the one of their removal. People take difficult decisions, are willing to undergo so many painful sessions, relieved by Anestop cream, the leader in topical anaesthesia What is a tattoo? Tattooing is an ancient form of body art that has survived the test of time and continued to […]

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New Microneedling is considered a big step forward in the market of aesthetics

Needling treatments, the efficacy of Anestop

Needling is a non-surgical therapy that stimulates the dermis, or rather the regeneration of tissues from the inside, and the production of new collagen and elastin. This technique is considered a big step forward in the market of aesthetics, as it has come to it after years of studies on new rejuvenation techniques that until […]

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Example of acne scars

How to eliminate the problem of acne scars?

How to eliminate the problem of acne scars? Using a new laser technology with the complicity of Anestop In this process, collagen production is stimulated through the fractional laser. This causes discomfort and pain in the patient. The use of Anestop is the ideal solution to avoid unpleasant sensations and a new beautiful face. Among […]

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Microblanding totally painless? With Anestop is possible

To get a new look fresher and younger you can opt for some procedures like microblanding and permanent eyebrows tattoo. The importance of anesthetic creams in the techniques used by the experts of the “aesthetic” sector to improve the image is certainly not to be underestimated. In fact, without their administration to undergo certain treatments, […]

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Facial Microneedling

Needling and Anestop: winning allies for the care of the skin

Needling: another facial treatment for which Anestop can be useful Anestop can play a very important role during a lot of aesthetic treatments. In this regard, this article continue to talk about micro facial cosmetic surgery to explain the effectiveness of Anestop gel. The peeling is one of the most popular techniques, but in the […]

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Hyaluronic acid

Anestop and fillers in a good combination

A perfect adjuvant in dermatological and aesthetic treatments In this article we are going to continue talking about fillers, a real must have for the aesthetic medicine. At this purpose, we simply explain the action of Anestop in cosmetic procedures.  Fillers are considered an excellent remedy to correct facial imperfections that bring often awkward to people, […]

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Anestop helps tattooed skin

Tattoos market: the business is on the rise but the future is the removal

Tattoos are considered a true art form. Over the last ten years the tattoos trading increased considerably becoming a big business all over the world. A big business for ink and needles market, and in some cases for anaesthetics. People feel fashion with tattoos and especially the new generations go crazy for this practice of […]

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the local anesthesia for filler

Filler: hyaluronic acid’s miracles

Filler nowadays The simple cosmetic surgery has made gigantic steps in terms of technology and efficacy. Nowadays, beauty treatments and simple plastic surgery take place in day hospital, without the use of scalpel and without pain using topical anaesthetics only, reducing risks and severe discomforts. Topical anesthesia is a cream application on the area to […]

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