Anestop : How to use it

Anestop Leaflet

Anestop is supplied in the form of odourless, viscous whitish cream-gel. It is a formulation for use before and after anaesthetic or dermatological treatments (such as laser and peeling treatments, filler injections and other) and helps to minimise sensitisation and irritation.

This option, you buy a single packaging of Anestop containing only one tube of 40 gr.

A tube of Anestop contains Dexpanthenol 8%, Amethocaine, Propitocaine, Lignocaine.

Dexpanthenol 8 % , for topical application, ensures a high hydration level of the stratum corneum reduces the transepidermal water loss , stabilizes the hydrolipid film and normal epithelial barrier function to the penetration of irritants and microorganisms , helping to prepare the skin for treatment with greater comfort for the patient and has an effective action to protect the skin against irritation and indirect anti inflammatory action. This component also has healing properties through indirect activation of the proliferation of fibroblasts and new epithelial cells, which promotes skin recovery.

– Clean the area to be treated
– apply a layer of product
– leave for 10 minutes
– then remove the product.

Repeat leaving to work for 10 more minutes . Repeat leaving for 5 more minutes . Remove the product, clean and disinfect the treated area. After the operation, the skin is ready to be submitted to professional treatment.
Cons -indications :
Con – Nude Hypersensitivity to the patient one or more components .

Keep out of reach of children .
Store in a cool, dry place .