the pumpkin makes you beautiful, not just for Halloween. With its beneficial antioxidant, restructuring properties nutritive elasticizing and soothing, can not miss in your beauty routine

pumpkin and other autumn vegetables
Pumpkin is a typically autumnal vegetable. It has many benefits for our body and our skin

In our posts we often talk about the importance of nutrition and the implications it has for our body, our health and the beauty of our skin. Each season offers products that have many beneficial properties, to which we should not give up. This is why today we dedicate a space to a typically autumnal product: the pumpkin. It is rich in mineral salts, magnesium, water, vitamins and omega 3. On the skin it acts in an extraordinary way counteracting free radicals, making the skin brighter, hydrating and acting on the signs of aging.

supplements based on pumpkin seed oil
Pumpkin oil can also be taken through vials or supplements.

On the cosmetic market, purifying pumpkin-based masks are available, with the aim of hydrating, nourishing and exfoliating. Then, there is pumpkin seed oil, widely used in cosmetics. You can buy it in the form of supplements or in cream. In face creams, at low percentages (up to 2%), pumpkin seed oil has an opaque action: it is therefore indicated to reduce the lucidity of oily and mixed skin.

In higher percentages, it is suitable for dry and rough skin and mature skin: it is emollient, reduces wrinkles and improves tissue elasticity.

If the application of these creams or masks is daily and is accompanied by professional beauty treatments, such as needling, filler injections, the results in terms of young and toned skin are guaranteed. These last treatments are preceded by a topical anesthesia with Anestop: a numbing cream based on dexpanthenol, the main component. Its best formula is ensured by three natural anesthetics: amethocaine, propitocaine and lignocaine.

pumpkin face cream
Face cream made from pumpkin seed oil. It is regenerating, soothing and fights imperfections

Thanks to its elasticity, due to the presence of zinc and other minerals, pumpkin seed oil can be used as a massage oil for the body and inserted into cosmetic products for the prevention of stretch marks.
It absorbs quickly and leaves no oily residue.
So, we celebrate pumpkin as the queen of beauty routine and this week of Halloween, giving you a special, all-Italian recipe. Yes, because we can enjoy the benefits of pumpkin even in the kitchen. This is a delicious recipe that will win over young and old, ideal to try on Halloween.

250 grams of pumpkin pulp,
250 grams of ricotta (low-fat cheese, made from whey protein)
200 grams of mascarpone (cheese made from the processing of cream and citric acid). These two types of cheese can be replaced with a light spreadable cheese and cream
160 grams of dry biscuits (preferably with cocoa)
80 grams of butter
80 grams of sugar
2 eggs
2 spoons of flour

Chop the biscuits reducing them to powder, add the melted butter and mix. Distribute the mixture evenly on the bottom of a cake pan. With the electric whisk mount the egg yolks with the sugar and the pumpkin pulp. Combine ricotta, mascarpone and flour. Add the egg whites to the mixture until stiff, stirring gently with a wooden spoon.
Pour the mixture over the biscuits that form the base of the cake and bake at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.
Take the cake out of the oven and, after having cooled it, serve it with melted chocolate on top or with the whipped cream.

Happy Halloween, happy beauty routine!

Italian pumpkin cheesecake
A delicious recipe that is good for health and mood. Perfect for halloween night
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