Enjoying yourself: this is how women’s approach to surgery and aesthetic medicine changes

In earlier days, people did not trouble a lot regarding obtaining face therapies. The thinking was basic– Their facial skin was never ever in danger of over-exposed to contamination. The essential pattern to this is that a large number of people desire their faces to luster regardless of what the environment is. Then we realized the effects of pollution and industrialization on our skin, body, and health. With this background, facial treatments are the only way through which you might keep your face bright. 

facial treatments
Facial treatments are considered essential for the skin tone.

Especially in large international cities, the skin is a victim of a considerable level of smog, so we wonder why facial treatments are essential? 

Allow me very initial notify you that facial treatments are actually crucial in any cosmopolitan city of the world as these are the areas most susceptible to dust as well as air pollution. There isn’ t an exception though I ought to state that people do facial therapies for entirely various factors. 
Because the face is straight subjected to the atmosphere, it stands the best threat of being hurt a minimum of ostensibly. For this reason, it is crucial for citizens to get their facial therapies done to maintain the skin of the skin. 

Face Treatments is something that can do in their residences. Individuals do not require to invest a large amount of cash to get their facial treatments done. All they require to do is to comprehend just how facial treatments are done as well as begin with the workout. It is really recommended to check out a certified health spa to get the most outcomes. 

Face Therapies are taken into consideration to be critical for keeping the skin of the face, it is essential for the skin tone of their face to be kept in any way times. It is clear the great importance of one’s physical appearance in modern society. From the international study on the new beauty trends, The Changing Face of Beauty: A Global Report – one of the largest research projects ever undertaken, commissioned by Allergan and realized, on a sample of 7,700 women between 18 and 65 in 16 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Holland, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, UK and USA – and realized in March 2016, an important social innovation emerges. The feminine approach to the theme of beauty has changed in recent times almost everywhere: there is no longer the desire to look younger, instead, the point is the desire to have control of one’s appearance because in this way one intervenes on self-confidence themselves and how it feels inside. Investing in beauty becomes a way to positively influence one’s external and internal image. The new perspective that emerges is to take care of yourself to please yourself, no longer to others. To be comfortable with yourself is a need that increases with age. 

This trend emerges internationally with some important cultural differences: if European women tend to accept the signs of aging and prefer a natural beauty, Asian women tend instead to pursue eternal youth and to modify specific characteristics of their face that don’t identify themselves; Middle Eastern women attach great importance to the issue of external beauty and seek from the treatments quick results capable of enhancing their best characteristics. 

skin care every day
Today, the face and the quality of the skin is considered the new ideal of beauty. The woman wants to improve to please herself

This change is also expressed by Mauricio de Maio, a world-famous plastic surgeon, who says that women, even though they turn to specialists for aesthetic reasons, how to treat wrinkles and the signs of aging, aim to “feel and look their best “. Sometimes their request is to look less tired or more fit, at other times they want to look more attractive and younger. It is important for a specialist to understand the emotional reasons for the request for change, and how they want to feel after the treatment “. 

In everything, the face and the quality of the skin are considered the new ideal of beauty. 
In fact, according to the report, 4 out of 5 women worldwide have daily routine skin care
In the era of social networks, selfies and the digital world, the face is in the foreground and the skin is therefore under the magnifying glass. No longer focuses only on wrinkles, but on the elasticity and tone of the skin. 
For this reason, facial beauty treatments are among the most popular. Fillers, for example, are considered effective for improving the quality of one’s skin, but there is still a bit of fear for a good percentage of women for three reasons: fear of losing expression, fear of pain to introduce into one’s own body something “external”. The first three countries with the use of fillers or the highest susceptibility to use are Turkey (96%), Thailand (90%) and Brazil (72%). Facial fillers are injections that fill the wrinkled or uneven areas of the face. They include various substances such as or directly from their own tissues, taken from another part of the body. The goal of the fillers is to try to cover thin lines, increasingly evident on the face over the years. Lines that can often be the result of frequent muscle activity. The lines that form on the face are areas where collagen in the body is thinned and broken, allowing a depressed line to emerge. The filler is injected right on this line. The pain is present because the face is a very sensitive area, but the use of a topical anesthetic cream solves the problem. Anestop topical gel comes to help. Our anesthetic should be administered locally to the area to be treated 30 minutes before. The operation must be repeated three times. Anestop ensures no pain, therefore an immediate effect. Its components keep the skin well hydrated and also have an anti-inflammatory function. Also according to this report, to which we refer, women want to improve the area around the eyes and their cheekbones.

crow's feet
The eye contour is one of the areas that is most important for women and is often subjected to filler
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