IPL: a safe, effective and painless acne scars treatment thanks to anestop action

With IPL acne marks can be reduced or entirely gotten rid of. IPL is brief for Intense Pulse Light as well as while not a real laser treatment, both techniques rely on beams to get rid of acne marks. 

IPL is regularly even more economically pleasant than laser treatments when it involves acne marks. Amongst the main reasons for this is that the IPL equipment is cheaper than laser equipment. Obviously, the skin professional or aesthetician can still bill you as long as they need, nevertheless, all various other things equal, IPL acne scars therapy can save you a fair little bit of cash. 

The price of the treatment could not matter to some people, nevertheless, a few of us choose methods that will certainly save us cash money. Because of the reality that wellness insurance policy rarely covers IPL or laser therapies for acne, this becomes a lot more of an element. It is generally considered an aesthetic treatment, however, ensure to examine your insurance policy to see if the treatment is covered specifically circumstances. 

Whether you go to a dermatologist or an aesthetician, what you really call for to keep an eye out for is exactly how competent they are with using IPL acne marks therapies. As long as the specific running the machine is for its usage, then you should see the results you are searching for. While IPL gadgets are sensibly basic, it can be comforting to recognize that you are treated with seasoned hands. 

Some research studies have actually led scientists to believe that IPL acne therapies boost collagen production that makes the skin appear smoother as well as helps to lower scarring. IPL therapies are good for different type of scars, concerning any dimension, though you should review any concerns you have with the person doing your therapy. 

moisturizing face cream
After IPL treatment, the skin is cleaned and a moisturizing product is applied

Entering into the merits of the treatment, IPL, or pulsed light, releases a series of short pulses of yellow, green and red light. The green and yellow lights aim to destroy the bacteria that cause acne. Red light instead targets the sebaceous glands, trying to reduce their hyperactivity. The warming caused by red light also stimulates collagen production, which helps in healing and improves skin tone. 

During treatment, patients are provided with glasses to protect their eyes from intense light, a cold gel is also applied in the area to be treated. The gel helps guide the light and cool the skin during treatment. Through an applicator, light is applied to the skin in short pulses of light, (less than a second duration). The applicator is then moved to another area of ​​the skin, and the process is repeated until all areas affected by acne have been treated. Once the treatment is complete, the gel is removed and a moisturizing product is given to the entire affected area. Each treatment usually lasts about 30 minutes, and most patients require four to six sessions to achieve satisfactory results. 

IPL treatment is not very painful, and no anesthesia is required for this procedure. The most part of patients feel mild to moderate discomfort, somewhat like a sharp feeling similar to a needle puncture, this is because the skin heats up with each pulse of light. For this reason, doctors recommend topical anesthesia using a topical gel to be applied 30 minutes before the session for three times. Anestop is an example of an effective numbing cream, with an immediate effect that allows the patient to have a relaxing experience. However, redness and a feeling of warmth in the skin are common after treatment. 

And speaking of side effects? 

There are some: firstly, discoloration of the skin in the treated areas, the skin becomes lighter or darker (this occurs however in rare cases); the second, hair loss in the treated areas can occur and can be permanent; finally, small bubbles may appear as a side effect of IPL sessions as well. 

acne girl2
During ipl treatment, the light impulses hit the bacteria caused by the acne and the sebaceous glands to reduce their hyperactivity

IPL treatments are not recommended for people with very dark skin or very tanned, and the treatment has not been proven safe for pregnant women. Those on prescription medications for acne treatment, like Accutane, should consult a doctor before undergoing IPL treatment.

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