microblanding and facial treatment
Skin care and the definition of the look are the two winning actions for a beautiful face

In our posts, we often talk about the beauty of one’s face. We talked about different issues in this regard, especially how to make the most of it, taking care of the skin and improving the aspects and parts that do not satisfy us. Specifically, we consider some elements very important, such as eyebrows, because they simply make us attractive and give us a special and a magnetic look. The eyebrows are not numerous, they extend over our eyes and have the natural function of keeping the sweat that fades directly in our eyes. They can also enhance the full charm of your face. If you don’t have the eyebrows you really want, there are some treatments now considered the standard that you can do to promote eyebrow growth.

Many of these techniques have been around for a long time. They require basic to discover, all natural things and you can do it at night when you sleep. 

1. The basic thing is to remember to keep your body healthy if you want “something to grow”. What happens inside your body is then shown by the body itself, which will give negative or positive responses. For example, if your hair is not growing, your nails are weak or your skin is dry it is usually a sign of deficiency. This means that your body is not getting all the nutrients or hydration it needs. 

To keep your body in balance, consume a dose of healthy and balanced foods. It’s a good thing to keep away from junk food and fatty foods. Make sure you take large amounts of water every day, a real cure for your skin. Try to get enough sleep, about 8 hours a day and simply make sure you take enough vitamins, guaranteed by fruits and vegetables. When you are unable to ingest the right, it is good to use a multivitamin every day.

fruits and vitamins
Fruits and vegetables provide our body with vitamins and other essential elements for health

2. Let’s move on to the eyes. Every night before going to sleep, thoroughly clean your eyebrows, using castor oil. This is because it lubricates, softens the skin and encourages hair growth, which will stimulate eyebrow development. 

3. If when you were a young person, did someone tell you to comb your hair 100 times to make it expand much faster? Well, that’s right. You can do the same thing with your eyebrows. Brush for a minimum of 2 minutes each time with a brow brush. Do it twice a day and you will get eyebrows expanding faster. Remember to keep the brow brush clean. 

Vitamins for lack of important substances
In case of lack of essential substances for the health of our body, it is good to take vitamins

4. Taking a multivitamin counts a lot both at the organism level, therefore from the internal point of view, and externally, precisely because the positive effects have an impact on aesthetics. It is also good to take specific vitamins for your goal, such as vitamins that can stimulate hair growth. Taking vitamins A, C and even E will help a lot more. It is important to carefully monitor the doses to be taken, consult a doctor, who advises according to his characteristics

5 Another natural trick to stimulate eyebrow growth is this: combine the natural herbs of fenugreek and aloe vera with onion juice. Create a cream and use it directly on the eyebrows during the night. This mix of ingredients will certainly promote hair growth. Just take a pill of fenugreek, open it and mix the seeds with an aloe and onion juice.

One of the best things about using natural treatments is that they are often beneficial to other parts of your body. Positive and beneficial effects usually affect the whole organism. So, if you are looking for a natural method to promote eyebrow development, you will not only get improvements to your goal, but you can also achieve other very positive results, such as a much healthier body. Not only benefits for your eyes, therefore! 

These are little tricks and natural methods that count when done with commitment and perseverance. The results obtained, vary depending on the physical characteristics of the people. Surely they are useful devices that can only do good for our body. 

If the results are not what was hoped for, semi-permanent cosmetic treatments can be used, such as tattooing or microblanding. Although they are non-invasive treatments, they require the use of anesthetic cream, as topical anesthesia is performed using needles to reconstruct the eyebrow arch. Anestop is our proposal, it is our product created with high-quality ingredients: the main is dexpanthenol, Its concentration is at 8%. The others are three important anesthetics: amethocaine, lignocaine, propitocaine. Its effect is fast and effective, helping to eliminate or minimize skin sensitization and irritation. 
It is important to use the product according to our instructions, applying it from 30 minutes before 2/3 times. This applies, substantially, to all types of professional treatments of dermatological and aesthetic surgery (laser, peeling, facial fillers, mesotherapy, derma pigmentation, tattoo, needling, topical gel e skincare)

Anestop topical gel
Anestop is the market leader in topical anesthesia. It is an odorless and colorless gel with an excellent composition
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