Suggestions to be applied daily for the treatment of the skin, in support of aesthetic medicine and mesotherapy

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Cleanse the skin and apply the cream daily for face and body are small secrets of beauty

Suitable skin treatment is a vital component of health and well-being. There are in fact small gestures to be carried out daily, which concern the cleaning and care of the skin. These simple operations help to keep the skin well. Generally, however, constancy is missing. People often forget to perform these daily and basic “rituals”, such as removing make-up, cleansing the skin, getting a good face or body cream in the morning and at night, and in addition to these other simple things. The recommendations that follow give useful information on what should be done to take care of your skin and to benefit from it.

Men have much oilier skin and pore much larger than girls. This recommends that it is very vital for them to keep their skin clean. Deep cleaning is often a must. If you are a boy, then those larger pores require you to be constantly cleaned in order to keep your skin clear.

It is good to use creams and products suitable for your skin type and the state in which it is. There are anti-aging products suitable for all ages. If used continuously they will be effective and the results will remain in the long run.

If you see that white bumps have appeared on the skin under your eyes, do not stretch. They are the sure indicator that you have an unwanted cell of death under the eyes. Do not rub as long as this can damage the thin skin like the paper that rests just above the cheekbones if it is necessary to eliminate them. Instead, use something for the eyes with vitamin A, which will gently move the bumps away.

Your skin and your face will certainly be more beautiful if you take care of your eyebrows. Be careful not to tear off excessive eyebrows due to the fact that the forehead hair has a tendency not to expand well.

External factors often influence the health of our skin. For example, tension takes a toll on the whole body, especially when one is not able to manage one’s own levels of tension. The skin cannot resist if you are constantly subjected to high amounts of stress and anxiety, so it is good to try to have the mental clarity to cope with the situation. Physical activity and warm baths can help you reduce the amount of stress and anxiety you have, simplifying your effort to keep stress levels reduced.

smoking is enemy of the skin
Smoking makes the skin go out and increases the appearance of wrinkles

It is also very important not to smoke if you want to have beautiful skin. Not only is it unhealthy for the rest of the body, but cigarette smoke also tightens the capillary on the superficial layers of the skin. This narrowing seriously limits the amount of blood flow and oxygen that reaches the skin, causing wrinkles, discoloration, and absence of nutrients.

As we said at the beginning it is good to remember to cleanse, tone and moisturize the face every day. Clean your face free from any kind of dirt or germs on the skin that could trigger acne or skin infections. The important things to do are using a cleanser to free the pores from impurities and then use a good revitalizing tonic. Hydration is an essential weapon to avoid having completely dry skin and to prevent premature skin aging.

By respecting the above suggestions, you will be able to protect your skin from damage and unpacking. You will surely see your skin remain healthy and balanced despite there being direct exposure to possible damage, such as sun rays and pollution. If you follow these simple tips, you will surely see that healthy and attractive skin is within your reach.

Of course, there are far more professional, effective and non-invasive remedies that help rejuvenate with excellent results. Aesthetic medicine and mesotherapy in this, are currently a must for those who want a natural and more lasting touch-up. Used for various aesthetic problems in our body, on the face they act in the form of fillers, injections of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. All safe and practically painless techniques if preceded by the use of an anesthetic effect and excellent quality as Anestop, actually leader in topical anaesthesia.

Your skin and your face will be more sensational

hydrated and luminous skin
Small daily gestures help keep your skin healthy
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