The facial microneedling vs wrinkles

The microblanding treatment is performed with a roller composed of small needles

When you feel that your face is looking a bit worn out, or you are a bit self-conscious about acne scars, or maybe your old and sun-damaged skin is making you feel troubled, then skin needling is a treatment you may need. Skin needling treatment will spur skin renewal, and help the skin to look younger, fresher and firmer. 
Skin needling stimulates the production of new collagen and fibroblast formation, which aids to subdue lines and wrinkles and also enhance the feel of the skin. The skin’s natural healing process aids to restore a smoother, brighter complexion and it can also help repair many types of scarring. 
Skin needling is a definitive and straightforward cosmetic procedure, which promotes new production of collagen and elastin and it is one of the few cosmetic treatments suitable for treating all skin types. The method is less invasive than other skin remedies and does not need the elimination of the epidermis, and this results in quicker healing time. 
Skin needling treatment is a relatively novel but successful cosmetic procedure used for the restoration of skin and the treatment of numerous skin conditions such as scars, wrinkles and stretch marks. It is considerably less costly than other rejuvenation procedures such as resurfacing lasers. It is reasonably effective at promoting collagen. 
The procedure entails the use of an electronic pen or a studded roller machine with micro-needles as small as 0.1 mm in diameter. It creates many micro-perforations through the skin with minimal harm to the upper epidermal layer, but a little injury of the deep dermal layer. The minor lesion and bleeding trigger a cascade of “wound healing” in the skin. This results in an improvement in the production of collagen and elastin (elastic fibers) and some degree of repair. 
Needling treatment is usually performed using a topical anesthetic cream to relieve discomfort and can take 10-20 minutes depending on the size of the treated area. Ideally, treat the skin first with appropriate skin care products to stimulate skin regeneration, such as retinoid creams (vitamin A) and antioxidants, especially vitamin C. After the procedure, patients can expect to experience bleeding, redness and slight discomfort. They may experience mild swelling and persistent redness for a few days. 
Fortunately, complications are rare. Skin contaminations, reactivation of herpes simplex, inflamed pigmentation, and worsening of skin diseases have been reported. Raised scars have also been reported, but they are rare. The holes of the superficial needle close quickly (in about 15 minutes), which means that it is highly unlikely to have a skin infection.


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Skin needling can help with: 

  • Scarring 
  • Fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Skin that lacks firmness and elasticity 
  • Enlarged Pores 
  • Acne and chicken pox scars 
  • Sun damage 
  • It can lighten pigmentation marks 
  • Will improve stretch marks from pregnancy or weight loss 
  • Improves cellulite

Skin Needling Instrument 

The skin needling instrument is a sterile roller, which gets rolled across the skin, puncturing the outermost layers of the skin to create tiny pinprick injuries not visible to the naked eye. These tiny wounds will stimulate new collagen deposition and regenerate new, healthy skin cells. The wounds will close within an hour, and you will see visible signs of facial rejuvenation after just six to eight weeks, and amazingly these results can continue for up to a year after the treatment. The process results in tight skin, fewer lines, and wrinkles, with a softening and reduction in scarring.


Studies have revealed a significant improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and scars following micro-needles, due to the production of collagen and elastin fibers that help the skin to become more “filled.” The tiny lesions in the dermal layer (deeper) of the skin cause an inflammatory cascade, which triggers the proliferation of cells in the dermis (upper layer) and the formation of new skin. 
Researchers have shown an increase in the thickness of collagen and elastin in skin biopsies after micro-swimming, and this improvement is usually evident within three to four weeks. Other changes can be observed for a few months. 
Although a particular improvement is generally observed, it can be subtle and slow. Efficacy and results can be improved by using combination treatments such as micro-needling with chemical peels or platelet-rich plasma (components found in the blood that will enhance healing). In most of the cases studied, patients required several treatments over a long period to achieve good results. 
In general, the more aggressive a procedure is, the lower the number of treatments required to achieve the desired result. But it also means more recovery time. Picking the right option can be a complicated process, depending on the nature and severity of the patient’s problem, coexisting complaints, skin type, and desired outcome, as well as budget and lifestyle factors. 
Some clinicians may promote a procedure because of availability and experience, but the cumulative cost and ability to achieve the desired result must be carefully considered in all cases before starting treatment.

New Microneedling is considered a big step forward in the market of aesthetics

Microblanding gives tone, elasticity and health to the skin

Benefits of Skin Needling Treatment 

The skin needling treatment has many benefits, including reducing stretch marks, scarring, and wrinkles. It spurs collagen and elastin and can rebuild, rejuvenate and plump up the skin. 

  • Procedure time – up to 75 minutes 
  • Back to work – immediately 
  • Anaesthetic – topical anesthetic cream, if needed 
  • Downtime – 1-5 days 
  • Best results – are noticeable after 2-3 months 
  • Duration of results – 9-12 months 
  • Results – A course of 4 to 6 treatments 

The treatment can create smoother, brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin, and since the needling treatment does not remove layers of skin with chemicals or lasers, it is generally safe for all skin types, even darker skin.

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