A well-defined eyebrow line can change the expression of your face. That is why more and more women are taking care of their eyebrows by makeup daily or performing hair removal. Microblading is an excellent technique for redrawing your eyebrows.


microblanding procedure
Microblanding is a semi permanent make up procedure, realized through a metal pen with thin needles to pigment the epidermis

Microblading makes it possible to restructure an eyebrow more realistically. It is calligraphy of the eyebrows, made using a metal stylet and nanoneedles, united on the same line, which forms a thin blade. This allows for a perfect replica of the natural eyebrow, in an hour. At first, the technician redraws the eyebrow and fills the holes by drawing an ultra fine line that mimics the hair to perfection. This service, when done, assures a natural effect. However, an additional session of retouching will be necessary to fix the work of pigmentation and to assure him a long duration. The microblading fades gently, after about a year and a half. The needles used to pigment the upper layers of the epidermis are only 0.2-0.3 mm below the epidermis, whereas the semi-permanent make-up dermograph goes up to 0, 5-0,8mm. 

Derived from ancestral Asian gestures, microblading, also called 6D technique, is a semi-permanent make-up that restructures an eyebrow in a “truer than life” way. After the first session, you need a retouching session about three weeks later to fix the pigmentation work and ensure a long duration of nearly a year and a half.


Unlike permanent makeup that can sometimes turn red or blue over the months, the microblading is sustainable over time and fades smoothly after a year and a half. This technique consists of pigmenting the upper layers of the epidermis using needles. It is only 0.2-0.3 mm below the epidermis while the electric dermograph semi-permanent makeup is up to 0.5-0.8mm. So, we do not damage the capillaries, we do not touch the bulbs, and we have no problem of regrowth of hair.


Since the needles penetrate less deeply under the skin, they affect fewer nerve endings, and this is less painful than semi-permanent makeup. Similarly, there is usually less bleeding. The healing is only faster. No annoying crusts in the days following the performance!


eyebrows tattoo
A look so intense and seductive is the result of the technique of microblanding

Here is everything you need to know before making your first date.

During processing, there is no use of machine
To restructure the eyebrows, the technician uses a metal pen equipped with nanoneedles joined on the same line (which forms a thin blade).

During processing, there is no use of machine
To restructure the eyebrows, the technician uses a metal pen equipped with nanoneedles joined on the same line (which forms a thin blade).

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup 
As the pigment is implanted only on the upper layers of the epidermis with a manual device, the makeup is not permanent. When the skin regenerates, the pigment is pushed to the surface. 

A hyper-natural effect 
Unlike tattooing eyebrows, the finish of Microblading is very natural since the technicians draw beautiful ultras features that remind the hair. 

Limited time 
The duration of the pigment varies between 9 to 12 months. Microblading fades gently after a year or two. The period varies according to the skin and the color of the pigment. 

Less painful treatment 
Since needles do not penetrate the skin deeply, they affect fewer nerve endings. Your technician will also apply an analgesic cream to reduce the pain. 

Rapid healing 
Again, since the needles do not go deep as tattooing, healing is faster. It is normal for crusts to form in the following days, but they will disappear quickly. 

A second appointment is necessary 
Four to eight weeks after the first meeting, you will need to make a second appointment for retouching. The pigment tends to fade the first few weeks, so everything needs to be corrected for optimal effect. 

Treatment of fewer than two hours 
Generally, the duration of treatment varies between 45 minutes to 2 hours. This includes the application of an analgesic gel. 

Eyebrows to your liking 
Before starting the procedure, the technician will draw your eyebrows with a pencil and powder to put the structure of your face in value. 

Rules to be followed after the intervention 
Once the procedure is complete, it is recommended to apply aftercare cream 3 to 4 times a day for a few days. It is also necessary to avoid that the water gets in contact with the eyebrows for four days. It is also advisable not to exercise or go to the spa for a week to avoid sweating. Also, avoid exposing your eyebrows to the sun for a month. 

The price varies from one establishment to another but is generally between $ 350 and $ 450 plus taxes. This amount includes the scheduling of the appointment.


Microblading seems to be the miracle solution for all women to achieve a very natural result, whether they have eyebrows provided or eyebrows sparse. No need to spend hours redrawing your eyebrows every morning in your bathroom to intensify the color of your eyebrows, and give them a volumized look. 
If the regrowth of your eyebrows is particularly slow and you are struggling to replenish your eyebrows after having abused hair removal with tweezers for years, the microblading is undoubtedly a technique that will suit you and will guarantee get beautiful eyebrows instantly. For alopecia, microblading is also ideal for a complete restructuring of your eyebrow line. 
Finally, know that some contraindications to the technique of microblading exist. The semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is not recommended: 

  • If you are a minor 
  • Dermatological or infectious disease 
  • Pathology or eye irritation 
  • Autoimmune diseases 
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes 
  • severe allergy, 
  • kidney, liver and heart failure 
  • Immunodeficient persons 
  • Hemophilia 
  • Pregnancy and lactation 
  • Vitamin A acid treatment (wait three months) 
  • Temporary wrinkle filling implants (wait two months)
microblanding result
An example of a perfect microblanding result
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