Mesotherapy is one of the miraculous recent discoveries of aesthetic medicine. Mesotherapy Injections are generally administered with tiny small-bore needles. The shots go to a depth of a few millimeters underneath the skin, to a layer of fat and connective tissue called the mesoderm. This treatment is a non-surgical method used to fight a variety of conditions related to the appearance. Discovered in the 1950s by the French Dr. Michel Pistor, Mesotherapy became popular in France before spreading all over Europe and reaching to America. 

Mesotherapy involves injecting the skin with a concoction that includes homeopathic elements, natural extracts, vitamins, minerals, pharmaceuticals and much more. With a single prick, individuals can have their skin and hair rejuvenated while others can rid themselves of cellulite and excess weight. Compared to other treatments in the market, this is the safest. 
Originally the solution was injected manually through the use of syringes, but the professionals in the sector use a specially made needle that looks like an injection gun. These are electric instruments that have a sterilized needle filled with a cocktail of medicines and other nutrients. 

mesotherapy tratments with injections
Mesotherapy injections have the function of rejuvenation, nourishing the skin adequately

Patients describe Mesotherapy Injections as moderately painless when compared to regular injections. Pain sensed depends on each patient’s pain threshold and by the use a topical anesthetic such as Anestop, while carrying out the procedure. Injections are said to feel like a slight burning feeling, an ant bite, or a bee sting. The quantity of injections given depends on the time duration of the treatment, which depends on the area covered and the degree of the condition. Most mesotherapy procedures extend from four to ten sessions. Each session is one to two weeks apart. 

When Mesotherapy was first publicized in France, people think to have discovered a new way to melt fat. Once injected into the skin, the fat cells around the injected area release their fat content and break their bonds with one another, thus eliminating cellulite. Mainly this is effective in countering the fatty folds of cellulite created on the body, with each injection targeting different parts of the body. When it comes to countering fat, each injection can bring down its user’s weight by 5 pounds.

For cellulite treatment and localized fat reduction, practitioners use compounds that efficiently remove fat from cells and move this fat into the general circulation, burned during metabolism or excreted. Phosphatidylcholine, or lecithin, is one such compound and is widely used. Caffeine, L-carnitine and the asthma drug aminophylline are other compounds used for fat reduction. Natural compounds such as artichoke stimulate lymphatic flow to remove fat. Tiratricol, a drug that was originally developed to treat some types of thyroid cancer, is also an efficient fat burner. 

Mesotherapy treatments reduce cellulite
The mesotherapy sessions are designed to protect legs and sit down from cellulite and water retention

For mesolifts or facelifts using mesotherapy, several drugs are available for injection under facial skin to improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Estrogen derivatives such as 17 B-estradiol stimulate new collagen formation. Glycosaminoglycans are a natural compound that forms linkages between collagen fibers. Naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid are also used for mesolifts. 

People think the action of many compounds used in mesotherapy is enhanced by adding other compounds that increase or improve local circulation. Some such circulation-enhancing compounds are pentoxifylline, buflomedil, and the naturally occurring gingko-biloba. Apply local anesthetics or add to the injection to reduce pain during mesotherapy injections. 
Many specialized injection delivery devices have been created for mesotherapy. These ensure that the needle only penetrates to a certain depth under the skin, typically two to six millimeters.

Some devices are specially fitted for smaller syringes and needles, while others use with larger needles. Automated devices often come with dose selection options.Additionally, Mesotherapy has proved to be more effective than Botox injections and anti-aging creams in treating the skin. Whereas Botox is a chemical anti-aging application that works for external use, Mesotherapy allows natural extracts to weave into the skin and heal it from the inside out. When an individual ages, the skin tends to lose the nutrients it requires to stay flexible, however, by injecting these necessary elements directly into the skin is possible to obtain effective and quick results of healthier skin. 

Hair loss sufferers also benefit from Mesotherapy injections as they stimulate the growth of existing hair follicles. This saves the need for expensive laser hair transplants, and unlike hairs which are dead when transplanted, this cosmetic treatment ensured users that they will have follicles which will grow normally. Another advantage is that the injections also stop active hair follicles from shedding their hair, thus preventing hair loss. 

Aside from a successful treatment to these problems, Mesotherapy has become popular among today’s working individuals because it does not require hospitalization, bandages or downtime. 

Despite all these benefits, Mesotherapy does have some side effects. Although it is not nearly as hazardous as liposuction, some patients have reported a burning sensation occurring as the injection started dissolving fats. However, this lasts only a few minutes and then disappears. Another side effect which lasts longer is numbness. This can go from a few days until a few weeks. 

Mesotherapy against fat
Among the excellent results of mesotherapy there are the reduction of fat in different areas of the body, such as the abdomen.

Besides these complications, more than 90% of the users of Mesotherapy will experience pain and bruising at the injection sites and swelling. These can be temporary and can be prevented or treated with the use of Anestop
Like any other injections, another side effect of Mesotherapy Injections is infections usually caused by non-sterile injection practices. Cases of infection are more common among patients of unlicensed mesotherapy practitioners than those handled by licensed specialists. 

Mesotherapy is a remarkable treatment for a wide range of skin, hair and fat issues. Without the need to be subjected to a scalpel or to be exposed to harmful chemicals, everyone can feel and look young and healthy again.

Mesotherapy against wrinkles

The mesotherapies act on the face giving more tone and acting on imperfections such as crow’s feet
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