FACIAL fillers give a few years less. live happy and satisfied with your appearance

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To live happy with your appearance, just say yes to small tweaks and excellent treatments, without any fear because there is Anestop

Due to the natural aging process, the skin loses its elasticity and fullness. Skin is also more susceptible to sagging and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Facial fillers and injectables aim to correct these skin issues by creating skin that appears more youthful and rejuvenated.

The gentle processes of aesthetic medicine (without recourse to a surgical intervention) acting against the effects of time are more and more solicited. This demand has contributed to the rapid increase in the quality of the substances injected and increased their number in recent years. The use of these fluid products is now widespread. They serve to reform the features of a face or to fill depressions (furrows, wrinkles, etc.). 
Filler injections can be alone or with other medico-surgical techniques to fade the signs of aging: peeling, dermabrasion, laser-abrasion, facelift, blepharoplasty, etc. They can also be complementary botulinum toxin injections that aim to reduce the mobility of the muscles generating wrinkles. 
Easy and fast, the principle of the injections of fillers is to give volume to certain areas of the face, dug by time or imperfections. 


The categories of correction are mainly four:
The natural folds: they are located at the corner of the mouth down the sides of the chin, between the wing of the nose and the corner of the mouth, between the lips and the chin, etc. 
Wrinkles: they are located around the mouth, cheeks, chin, forehead, between the eyebrows (wrinkles of the lion) and the eye (crow’s feet). 
The lips: the injections have the power to give them volume by thickening them or giving them a pulpy aspect, and to emphasize their outline. 
Pits or volume defects: They are often located at the nose, cheeks, chin, cheekbones and around the mouth. They can also result from a scar left by chickenpox, trauma, acne, etc. 
Injections allow fading of all these imperfections, without however make them disappear. The results depend on the treated flaws, more or less amenable to care. They also depend on the products used which have a variable effect over time. Very often, the injections must be repeated regularly for the result to last.
The action of the injections isn’t illimitate. Some defects should be treated by a medical-surgical procedure when the injections are insufficient. This concerns the sagging of the cheeks or the excess skin of the eyelids, the correction of which can only be performed by surgery. This is also the case for some small wrinkles, spots, scars, or for a wrinkled or irregular appearance whose attenuation can only be achieved by abrasion of the face. 

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The injections of fillers are practicable from 30-35 years, in men as in women, or before with a congenital imperfections (cheekbones, lips, etc.). The injection must fill a hollow or strengthen the existing volume. It involves practicing it with a fluid product either in the skin itself or in the subcutaneous layer. 

The practitioner will question the patient precisely to highlight any contraindication in the use of substances (ex: allergic history) and any data involving specific precautions (e.g., herpes of the lips and around the mouth). The patient should mention any previous injections to avoid any risk of harmful mixing of products in the same area. During this consultation, the practitioner will study the wishes of the patient and will advise on what is possible and what is not. Aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications are not recommended during the three days before injections.

In general, no anesthesia is not useful for an injection session. 
Nevertheless, in some cases (sensitive patient or difficult treated part, like, the oral area), the practitioner may propose one of the two following forms of anesthesia, if the injected product causes some pain: 
Application of Anestop cream: to apply a minimum hour before the session on the treated area. It acts on the surface pains. 
Local anesthesia: an anesthetic substance applied just before the injection. It desensitizes the party concerned. 


13 Tubes (10 + 3 Free)


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1 single tube

The time required to practice the injections varies from ten minutes to an hour, depending on the anesthesia, according to the amount and condition of the areas involved and according to the doctor. Many methods for practicing injections exist. The choice of the technique is in according to the practitioner, to achieve the best results. The doctor carefully estimates the volume of the product he needs, and therefore the number of syringes required, which can vary considerably depending on the elements to keep into account. Some alterations are sometimes expected from the outset to maximize the result. They will be several days or weeks after the first injections. 

It is advisable to rest your face for six hours after the injections. Make sudden efforts, talk, laugh, make mimicry, etc., any facial gesture can be harmful. It’s very important not to consume alcohol, anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin during the first days, and to avoid sun exposure or sauna. Swelling may appear immediately after the injections, and the skin may eventually turn red. The magnitude of these symptoms and the time required for their attenuation vary according to the patients and the substances injected. They are generally very light, which hardly disturbs the professional life and the social life of the patient (s). They disappear between 1 and three days, except for the lips which can remain marked all a week. 
During the first few days, some patients may experience an alteration of skin pigmentation, as well as hypersensitivity, irritation or bruising, at the exact spot where the injections were performed. 

It is advisable to wait several days after the injections to appreciate the result. The edema will then be resorbed, the substance well integrated and the skin becomes flexible again. The result, therefore, differs from the result obtained just after the injections. The face regains tone and looks younger. Injections act on imperfections discreetly and very naturally since they do not immobilize the facial muscles, as botulinum toxin injections do, which lessen the expressive character of the face. Although injections effectively blemish imperfections, they do not make them disappear entirely, especially if the depressions are deeply inked for a long time or if they are located in difficult areas to treat. Injections of fillers are intended to improve the appearance of the face, but not to perfection. Any reasonable request can lead to a very satisfactory result. 
As mentioned above, a certain number of parameters determine the durability of the result: treated region (shorter labial effect), product injected, the method practiced, cutaneous characteristics, target objective, lifestyle (alcohol, sun, tobacco, stress, etc.). The improvement is not definitive and should be perpetuated by the repetition of sessions every few months or years. 

Some risks and hazards are inherent in any medical procedure. The chances are low (but not zero) if the choice of the doctor is made carefully according to his skills to practice injections and to choose the appropriate substances for each situation, especially since most of the worries observed are related to the substance itself and side effects they may cause randomly: 

Allergies: they are often induced by collagen and are usually removed by skin tests performed before the injections. 
Local side effects post-injections: these short-term phenomena are defined by an irregular appearance, alterations of pigmentation and sensitivity, swelling, bruises, irritations, etc. 

The occurrence of herpes on the lips: especially in patients inclined to develop herps. 
Significant or temporary inflammatory side effects: they generally occur after a second injection into a part already treated with other non-biodegradable substances. 

Small inflammatory tumors: the occurrence of granulomas is the most common reaction. Following an inflammatory response, small hard balls are formed several days or weeks after the session, arranged afterward on an injection line. They are sometimes sensitive, perceptible to the touch and the sight, therefore unsightly. Biodegradable products avoid this phenomenon. When they occur exceptionally (especially for hyaluronic acids), they resorb naturally in a few weeks, even a few months if it is collagen. 
In contrast, non-biodegradable products more often cause granulomas that can occur much later (a few years after the injection session). They are usually larger and last longer. 

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Exceptional problems: rare cases of abscesses, necrosis of the skin or constant redness have been observed at the site of the bite. 
Most importantly, it is necessary to consider the risks related to injections of fillers, without exaggerating them and to be fully aware that this act always involves risks even if it is not surgical. The choice of a competent practitioner to practice these injections of fillers is the best way to avoid any complications and to make sure that he knows how to react appropriately in case of problems. It is essential for the patient to note the characteristics of the injected filling substance to inform another physician who is giving new injections properly.

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4 thoughts on “FACIAL fillers give a few years less. live happy and satisfied with your appearance

  1. I for one would like to stop time and stay young and wrinkle free forever. It’s good that there are treatments such like these. As added plus points I really like that you added what to expect as well as precautions/warnings after getting these injections.Great article overall.

    1. Acne causes suffering, especially when you are young can create complex. We are happy to be able to give indications on methods of resolution.

  2. I would like to do fillers but I fear for their safety and for the pain of the injections

    1. Fillers injections are safe treatments as long as you contact qualified centers and real professionals. The results are statistically evident in the peowho use them. For what concerns the pain, NO fear. Topical anaesthetic are used. Our product: Anestop is the leader in topical anaesthesia for its special composition.

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