The fashion of tattoos is now joined by the one of their removal. People take difficult decisions, are willing to undergo so many painful sessions, relieved by Anestop cream, the leader in topical anaesthesia

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What is a tattoo? 
Tattooing is an ancient form of body art that has survived the test of time and continued to thrive. The tattooing techniques have certainly significantly evolved, and complicated tattoos designs are now a lot easier to make. While more and more people seek tattoos, many want to get rid of them. There have been numerous procedures used over the years, mostly, highly invasive that can cause pain and severe side effects. A tattoo is an incision on the skin where introduce ink. Depending on the extent of the incision, the epidermis, dermis and sometimes the hypodermis may have influences by the pigment. When the tattoo is pretty deep, only the scalpel will be effective to get rid of it. The more vivid, deep and elaborate the tattoo is, the more difficult it will be to get rid of it, and the more it will be expensive and painful to remove.

Tattoo removal: What are the risks? 
The most serious is infection. 
But there can also be ugly scars. In some cases, when one has succeeded in erasing the colors, it may appear blistered scars resembling burns, not very aesthetic. 
Ghost tattoo 
At the end of treatment, sometimes a tattoo “ghost” is a clear picture of the tattoo. 
Stains and depigmentation 
Also free of tattooing the skin can show depigmentation or brown spots. 
Red, yellow, orange and green colors are difficult to erase. There may also be depigmented spots or brown spots.

Basic Tattoo Removal techniques 
The decision to remove a tattoo should be carefully considered. Just as the advantages and disadvantages of getting a tattoo need to be carefully evaluated before making a final decision. If and how to remove a tattoo is an important decision that requires careful reflection. Removing permanent ink from under the skin is not a simple task. Valid options, generally effective with an acceptable level of risk, are: Tattoo Removal Using laser 
The laser can erase most of the tattoos. 
Three to ten sessions or more will need. However, despite many sessions, some inks and colors are impossible to eliminate. Depending on the tattoo, the skin and the colors used for this tattoo, the number of sessions must are at least two months apart. Treatment can sometimes take two years. The process can be atrocious, although it can be less painful by applying an anesthetic cream two hours before the session.
Tattoo removal with a laser is often expensive, prices are based on the size and color of the tattoo, the number of sessions required and medical expenses. 
The elimination of a tattoo is by a dermatologist with experience in the use of the laser. 
If the material is used improperly, if the sessions are not sufficiently spaced, irreparable scars may appear. 


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Tattoo Removal through Surgery 
Surgical removal of the area of ​​tattooed skin is a costly but non-scarring method and it is ideal for large and deep tattoos. The scars recorded are only from the sutures of the surgical session. 

The rejuvinatio Tattoo Removal method 
This system allows to gradually erase the tattoo ink with a chemical cream applied with a high-performance device. with a pistol, the tattoo artist introduce a cream under the skin so that the tattoo ink rises to the surface and can be removed. The result is slow, and not always active. 
The colors can spread to other parts of the body when this method carried out by untrained personnel. 
Follow-up is important to accomplish the best results and to help prevent scarring or post-treatment complications, including the risk of severe infection.  When properly applied, 5 to 8 sessions are required.  A session is approaching 400 dollars.

Other effective methods are:
Salt water from the sea 
Salt sea water makes tattoos pale. 
Dipping his tattoo long in salt water by rubbing it with the sand of the sea, is a long and inefficient solution. 

Also after local anesthesia rub food salt on the tattoo with a tampon until the skin becomes very red but be careful stopping before it bleeds. After we rinse and put a bandage. 
Without putting the pain into consideration, the results are not very convincing. 

Cryotherapy and cryosurgery 
This involves removing the tattoo by using a cold liquid nitrogen spray. 
Results are rarely effective. 

Remove the tattoo with chemicals 
After mild dermabrasion of the tattooed skin, there is a dusting of the acid or chemical region. 
Then we rinse with saline before applying a compress of sodium hyposulfite. 
This practice can be quite painful and does not achieve so much success contrary to some beliefs. 

Electrocautery and thermocautery 
You can remove a tattoo, always under local anesthesia, using a surgical knife or thermocautery. The skin will probably show visible scars, and sometimes the tattoo will stand out but very pale. 

To sum up, remove a tattoo is a more difficult expensive and drawn out process than getting it put on in the first place. Then it is not a simple decision. If you are determined to remove an unwanted tatto, you should research the Different in what way?different methods and professionals available carefully and thoroughly before deciding the most suitable option.

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  1. Removing a tattoo is harder than having it. It is a lengthy and costly process not to mention the complication like infection.

    1. It is true what you say, but it always depends on the skill and the seriousness of the tattoo artist, the type of skin, the type of tattoo and the type of anesthetic used.

  2. Thanks for letting me know how i can erase tattoos from the body, I know alot of people like the laser option but I will prefer the surgery. Tattoo Removal through Surgery since it a non-scarring method and it is ideal for large and deep tattoos. it okay by me.

    1. Hi Brandy,
      to make these assessments, it is good to consult a dermatologist and a tattoo artist, who can make an evaluation based on your skin, the area of the interassed body, the type of tattoo.

  3. Sincerely, one has to think twice before going for a tattoo.. I love tatooes but whenever I think of the problems I will go through before having it removed,then,I’d rather not do the tattoo..I don’t have to jump through hoops to get my tattoo removed..
    I think that temporary tattoes are still a better option.

    1. i think that if a person already starts with this fear and with uncertainty it is better that he does not make tattoos.
      Best regards

  4. Up until now I never new that you can permanently remove a tattoo. There is a lot of misinformation about tattoos, thanks for shedding the light.

    1. Hi Janet,
      thank you. We try to make our contribution through a right information.
      Best regards

  5. informative post! i only know the laser removal technique but never really look into other technique before. thank you for writing this.

    1. Thank you for your comment

  6. I guess I would rather to go choose the laser solcution to remove my tatto, even if it’s expensive is the one thta sounds more convincent to me.

    1. Ho Danielle,
      usually the laser solution give good results. The best things is talking to a tattoo artist and to a dermatologist, to have a professional opinion.

  7. I’m a lover of tattoo well done. I see it as a perfect work of arts. If I want to remove it I will choose the rejuvinatio Tattoo Removal method. This should be less painful and cheaper too.

    1. Hi Kelly,
      the rejuvinatio tattoo removal is one of the methods considered effective, if you follow certain rules and if done by a professional. Removing a tattoo is never a simple and cheap thing. It is right to consult the experts to decide. We hope this article will help you

  8. There are many methods to remove tatoos any of these is fine. Thanks for sharing anyway.

    1. Hi David,
      the methods are many, and more or less effective. It is not a simple procedure. But the many professionals in the field will make the difference

  9. Oh wow, I never would have thought there are so many tattoo removal techniques. The surgery method sounds really scary but looks to be very effective.

    1. Hi Mike,
      it is not the only method to be effective. We must then evaluate many factors, including the extension of the tattoo and the part of the body.

  10. It’s worth noting also that before one employs the use of chemicals to remove a tattoo, they should consult with their dermatologist. Some skin are more sensitive than others and could bring about unwanted skin reactions.

    1. Dear June,
      in fact, as we always remember in our posts and in our comments, it is essential the advice of the doctor, dermatologist or professional who takes care of the treatment that you would like to perform.
      Best regards

  11. I think it depends a lot on the ink used. In any case, that’s why I do not. It is also true that thanks to Anestop, the problem of pain is under control with all methods of removal

    1. Hello Scott,
      the result of the removal does not depend only on the ink, but on many other factors, such as the characteristics of the client’s skin, the type of tattoo, the area of the body in which it is. Regarding the pain, Anestop maintains its effectiveness with any chosen method.
      Best regards

  12. It seems that the process of getting rid of a tattoo is more difficult than that of putting it in the first place. It would be wiser then to think it through before you have it, whether you want to have it for the rest of your life.

    1. Hi Grace,
      Certainly as in all things definitive, it is good to be convinced, but this is a reductive speech. A tattoo over time can be damaged, or there may be other reasons, (which do not depend on your will), which require the removal of the tattoo. Therefore what is important is to have available techniques and professionals able to meet this need, and anesthetic products such as Anestop able to support these treatments.

  13. I have heard about tattoo removal before but I didn’t know there were a lot of procedures to choose from. I guess that we should be wise about what tattoos to get so that we won’t regret it or cover it up with another design if you don’t want to remove it.

    1. Hello Manyana,
      your speech is right, but sometimes you need removal for serious reasons. It is however right and important that there are techniques and products like Anestop in order to facilitate these complicated treatments.

  14. Cool. I didn’t know there were other ways to remove tattoos apart from lasering them off. My brother wants to get rid of one of his (bad memories!). Will send this article to him!

    1. Hi Chien,
      we hope that our article will be useful for your brother to decide. Let us know!

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