Needling treatments, the efficacy of Anestop

New Microneedling is considered a big step forward in the market of aesthetics
The needling is carried out with the use of a device called roller, which is covered with small needles

Needling is a non-surgical therapy that stimulates the dermis, or rather the regeneration of tissues from the inside, and the production of new collagen and elastin.

This technique is considered a big step forward in the market of aesthetics, as it has come to it after years of studies on new rejuvenation techniques that until a few years ago were entrusted to the chemistry of peeling.

The basic concept is to simulate what happens to the human body when it suffers a wound. After cutting our body puts into operation the processes of natural skin repair that pass in our body. Summing up therefore, many micro lesions of the skin stimulate its natural regeneration, also involving the parts not damaged and producing collagen and elastin, called into question by the body, to give life to wound healing, which is the injury caused by the injection. Therefore, recovery times are lower and fewer adverse reactions compared to what happens with laser or peeling.

The needling is carried out with the use of a device called roller, or a sort of roller at the end of which small needles are positioned. Depending on the length of the needle, the depth in which it penetrates, the purpose and the type of treatment, the roller used to perform the needling differs in: Dermapen, Dermastamp and Dermaroller.

Dermapen, as the word says, is a sort of pen with a round head, with few needles, which have an electronically controlled vertical movement (to be clear they go up and down). Dermastamp always has the shape of a pen, but the head is wider. The depth at which needles can penetrate and the frequency are regulated by the operator who performs the treatment and assesses, at the moment, the type of skin, the area and the blemish to be treated. Dermaroller instead is a kind of wheel that is passed on the skin and, turning, creates these micro-holes. The needles are fixed and not adjustable. Dermaroller is also sold for home use and its needles usually do not exceed 0.5 mm in length. The needles of Dermaroller, Dermapen and Dermastamp can have a variable length from 0.01 mm to 3 mm.


13 Tubes (10 + 3 Free)


6 Tubes (5 + 1 Free)


1 single tube

The skin is then “traumatized” by the action of these needles that cause a sensation of pain and discomfort of the skin. The ideal to avoid skin dehydration is the use of a topical anesthetic cream, based on dexpanthenol, such as Anestop, whose best formula is composed of dexpanthenol for 8% and three anesthetics: amethocaine, propitocaine and lignocaine.

Dexpanthenol has a very important function in beauty treatment due to its soothing, softening and vitalizing action. In the capillary level, panthenol penetrates in the skin and improves its properties. The topical use of dexpanthenol, the stable alcoholic analog of pantothenic acid, is based on good skin penetration and high local concentrations of dexpanthenol when administered in an adequate vehicle, such as water-in-oil emulsions. Topical dexpanthenol reducing transepidermal water loss acts like a moisturizer, improving stratum corneum hydration, and maintaining skin softness and elasticity.

Indirect activation of fibroblast proliferation, which is of relevance in wound healing, has been observed e experimented both in vitro and in vivo with dexpanthenol.

In various studies it has been shown that topical application of dexpanthenol to skin lesions and wounds markedly shortens the time required to indirectly regenerate the epithelium. This indicates that dexpanthenol accelerates cell formation in the deeper lying epidermal layers. The newly formed cells rebuild the natural protective barrier.

Anestop numbing gel
Anestop is the leader in topical anaesthesia

The use of Anestop is therefore very important, as well as hygiene during treatment: the needles must be sterilized and the patient’s skin well cleaned and disinfected. The dermapen and dermastamp have disposable heads. The Dermaroller, based on the material of which the needles are made, can be sterilized with disinfectants specific for surgical instruments.

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26 thoughts on “Needling treatments, the efficacy of Anestop

  1. Hi i have a bad scare in my face i need hlp…how do i find you ..are you in brazil sao Paulo

    1. Hi Melanie, thank you very much for your interest in our product. For your kind of problem, you should contact a good beauty center, which will propose you a specific treatment for your problem. Many of our customers practice needling (to eliminate scars), a last generation treatment we talked about in this article. To use our cream, look for your aesthetic center of trust and propose the use of Anestop: our anaesthetic gel, leader in topical anaesthesia. It should be applied before the aesthetic sessions, in order not to feel pain, to keep the skin hydrated with an anti-inflammatory effect. Best regards

  2. This treatment is interesting. Anestop seems like an amazing product. Want to know more about this treatment and product.

    1. Hi Kaitlyn,
      To learn more about Anestop, keep following our posts and articles on the site.You can also write to me
      Thank you for your interest

  3. I agree that the use of Anestop is very important because it helps in hygiene during treatment: at least it helps to keep the needles sterilized and the patient’s skin well cleaned and disinfected.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Anestop is a topical anaesthetic cream, so it has a fast, painless and effective effect.It also helps to keep the skin hydrated and has an anti-inflammatory function, thanks to its composition Cleaning and needles always apply to the doctor and the practitioner who performs the treatments.

  4. If a procedure can regenerate skin tissues from the inside and produce collagen and elasticity, then it sounds like a good procedure to eliminate my wrinkles and to make my skin firm..
    I learnt a lot about needling in your article..

    1. Yes, microneedling is an excellent treatment for who want to mitigate the signs of aging, keeping a turgid and toned skin.

  5. I have never tried needling before though I’ve heard of it. I thought it was a painful process but from your explanation it seems lie quite a smooth painless process.

    1. Hi Harriet,
      the needling is a treatment that involves the use of a roller with microneedles. Depending on many factors (objective and subjective) it can be more or less painful. For this reason, Anestop is used, to anesthetize in a topical way and localized the part on which to act.

  6. This is the first time I’m hearing about needling. Thinking if I should give it a try..

    1. The article explains the cases in which the needling is useful.
      You have to evaluate your situation with a professional.

  7. I have scar in my face and want to try this. I hope this is the solution to my skin problem.

    1. The needling is used for the removal or reduction of scars.
      The results are statistically excellent. Contact your dermatologist and let us know!

  8. I’m always so scared of needles no matter how mild. If there’s an alternative over needles I’ll always go with the alternative no matter how bad it is.

    1. Anestop is a leader in topical anesthesia and is used to eliminate the fear and pain caused by the needles that act on the skin, and I always speak of non-invasive techniques. The use of needles is usually effective because it stimulates the epidermis and the natural production of collagen. The other alternatives are certainly less effective

  9. Anestop seems to have so many useful applications for the skin. It’s like a magic cream. I love it.

    1. It’s true. Thank you very much!

  10. I have tried the dermaroller in the past and it gave me very good results.It helped me with my acne scars, they didnt dissapear totally but I noticed i good improvement.

    1. Hi Danielle,
      these non-invasive treatments of aesthetic medicine give good results, then as you say, they do not always eliminate the prob- lems at 100%, but almost always lead to clear improvements. thanks for your words.

  11. I have read two articles about this product and I like it so far. I am no woman so cosmetics are very far from routine but I can recommend this to my girl. Who knows it may even replace if not ease pain from surgeries later on.

    1. Hello Scott,
      we recommend Anestop to dermatologists, beauticians and doctors for aesthetic treatments non-invasive and for minor cosmetic surgery. In addition to being used to avoid pain, it is formidable for skin care, its components have anti-inflammatory function and maintain the hydration of the skin high, preventing redness and swelling.

  12. Great explanation on needling. Needling aa a non-surgical therapy is a well development by me since it helps to stimulates the dermis,and also regenerate tissues.

    1. Exactly!

  13. This is helpful indeed, I just don’t know if this is exactly what I need for wart removal. I have a few on my face and I want it remove. I’ll have to consult the expert first.

    1. Hello Marnelle,
      Let us know how it went. Best regards

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