Mesotherapy is a non-invasive treatment for women

Who fight water retenxion can rely on non-invasive method like Mesotherapy to eliminate it. Overcoming the pain caused by injections is possible thanks to Anestop

Among the most important fields of action in which Anestop acts, there is Mesotherapy, which we talked about in another article on this blog. Let’s tackle the topic again, trying to give new information and add interesting contents.

mesotherapy injections
Mesotherapy injections must be carried out with specific needles

Mesotherapy can be used both for medical conditions and for aesthetic diseases. In fact, from the aesthetic point of view, mesotherapy is the most effective treatment to combat cellulite and fat deposits that accumulate in specific areas. Furthermore, it is used to achieve weight loss and facial rejuvenation.

The goal of mesotherapy is, first of all, the detoxification of our body from excess waste, the elimination of the retained  liquids and, at the same time, the toning and elasticity of our skin.

Mesotherapy should be practiced by a doctor and, in any case, only after the patient has received an accurate diagnosis. In fact, after this important step, the specialist will be able to establish the appropriate technique, basing on the actual retention and accumulation problems specific to that patient.

The injections must be carried out with specific needles for this type of treatment. These are extremely thin needles, six millimeters long. With these dimensions it is possible to inject precisely at the desired depth these minimum quantities of pharmacological solutions.

Mesotherapy is used as a resolutive therapeutic form against many diseases. According to statistics, the ones we try to eliminate the most are the following:

  • Facial wrinkles
  • Lipolytic lipid-like adiposity
  • Cellulite (edemato-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy)
  • Veno-lymphatic insufficiency
  • Stretch marks

Apart from the results obtained, why is mesotherapy very popular? According to patients that try mesotherapy treatments, the most appreciated benefits are numerous.

The main one is that the treatment is not invasive for the skin, in fact neither cuts nor incisions are made. As a result, no anesthesia is required or long recovery times are required. It is a treatment that is carried out on the specific part of the body where the problem is located. It can be performed on the whole body, with the exception of the breast. Moreover: it doesn’t cause allergic reactions and side effects; it allows a precise personalization of the therapy, it allows to treat several diseases at the same time. Finally, it may also be practiced during pregnancy.


13 Tubes (10 + 3 Free)


6 Tubes (5 + 1 Free)


1 single tube

The injections performed are not completely painless. The sensations of burning, itching, heat and swelling are typical of this treatment, but can be easily countered by a topical anesthetic cream. Anestop is the perfect product in these cases. Its composition is the best in the market. Dexpanthenol is the main ingredient (8%). It has a very important function in beauty treatment due to its soothing, softening and vitalizing action. In the capillary level, panthenol penetrates in the skin and improves its properties: it protects, nourishes and gives greater resistance. Usually, the topical administration of dexpanthenol preparations is well tolerated, with minimal risk of skin irritancy or sensitization. Dexpanthenol is reported to relieve itching and have indirectly anti-inflammatory properties. The others ingredients of Anestop are THREE anaesthetics: Amethocaine, Lignocaine and Propitocaine. They contribute to the best formula that this anesthetic cream offers to the doctors and clinics that perform these treatments.

Mesotherapy against water retention

A great advantage of homeopathic Mesotherapy is the possibility, for the doctor, to administer drugs, considering not only at the patient’s specific problem, but also at his constitutional typology. In fact, each of us has specific, absolutely personal characteristics. So, if the doctor take into account both aspects, will choose a drug suitable for the pathology that we want to treat, considering also a remedy corresponding to the constitutional characteristics of the patient. In this way, we will get a better result, and longer lasting. Excellent results are obtained by practicing mesotherapy according to this type of procedure.

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24 thoughts on “Mesotherapy is a non-invasive treatment for women

  1. I have never heard of mesotherapy before.Your write up has really opened by eyes to the benefits of mesotherapy..if it can work for facial wrinkle, then I’m in..

    1. Hi Obalade,
      mesotherapy also acts on facial imperfections, through non-invasive treatments such as fillers and injections with antiaging function. They act on the tone, color and elasticity of the skin.

  2. I have hear so many good things about mesotherapy. I would be having that treatment soon.

    1. Hi Lily,
      let us know how it went and make sure the specialist uses Anestop!

  3. I have read about mesotherapy and I like the fact that it is really effective in reducing cellulite and fat deposits that accumulate in specific areas. of the highly recommended for those that to achieve weight loss and facial rejuvenation.

    1. Hi,
      We are absolutely agree. We always recommend the use of anesthetic as Anestop before treatment, this aspect also leads to numerous advantages.
      Best regards

  4. I love the fact that mesotherapy is not invasive. This means that after the treatment I won’t have scars in open areas. I would greatly consider it.

    1. Hi Harriet,
      we add that thanks to the use of Anestop before treatment there is a lot of redness and inflammation.
      Best regards

  5. Mesotherapy sounds interesting. Just that I still have some reservations about undergoing the procedure.

    1. Hi James,
      Read all our insights and talk to a good dermatologist. You will see that your ideas will be clearer.
      Best regards

  6. This treatment sounds like a great option for me, I like that it can be controlled by a doctor and that there’s an anesthetic for the effects of pain because it can be a bother.

    1. Hello Danielle,
      you’re right, the pain is the first reason that blocks patients in front of the possibility of undergoing mesotherapy treatments. With anestop this problem does not exist. Its three main features are: painless, fast, effective! Best regards

  7. Mesotherapy sounds like something that everyone should be doing every once in a while. It should be like visiting the dentist. It’s good for the well-being of the skin.

    1. Hi Maggie,
      The fact of stimulating the epidermis and therefore the production of collagen is definitely a good thing for skin care! the benefits are there and how! Best regards

  8. Being someone who is overly afraid of pain I think I have to use the topical anesthetic cream when getting the injection. Your articles are very informative and well researched. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you very much Vivian
      we will continue to publish articles that can give good information. Follow us!
      Best regards

  9. I suppose this is just water therapy? I say that because the word MESO comes from a Japanese word for water. Woth that said, I am happy for this. I may not be a woman but I always prefer painless to no pain methods than injections. If It can be avoided of course.

    1. Hello Scott,
      mesotherapy involves injecting the skin with a concoction that includes homeopathic elements, natural extracts, vitamins, minerals, pharmaceuticals and much more. This treatment becomes painless using Anestop, the leader in topical anaesthesia.

  10. A comprehensive post about Mesotherapy. This is a good one since it can work both for medical conditions and for aesthetic diseases. It can really help the human body.

    1. Hi Kenneth,
      mesotherapy approach is very usuful for a lot of problems. It’s a non-invasive treatment and represent a very innovative solution in the aesthetic market.

  11. It is so nice to hear about any non invasive procedure. Thanks to science for making it possible.

    1. Thank you for your words.
      Best regards

  12. I would love to get a consultation and see if I need this mesotherapy. I am already at the age where my age can be seen in my skin. We all get old but I just want my skin to look healthy.

    1. Hello Belinda,
      a good doctor can advise you on this purpose. Surely mesotherapy is a valid solution for skin care and for good maintenance (tone, olor, elasticity, wrinkles).
      Best regards

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