How to eliminate the problem of acne scars?

How to eliminate the problem of acne scars? Using a new laser technology with the complicity of Anestop

In this process, collagen production is stimulated through the fractional laser. This causes discomfort and pain in the patient. The use of Anestop is the ideal solution to avoid unpleasant sensations and a new beautiful face.

Example of acne scars
Example of acne scars

Among the aesthetic discomforts most experienced by people of both sexes are the scars on the face, (or even on other parts of the body in sight). They can be caused by surgery, accidents, burns, and often, or in most cases by acne. Acne is definitely a typical skin problem of adolescence that has long-term consequences, leaving its marks on the face; without considering that even in more adult age, it is possible to suffer from acne, statistically there are increasing cases.

Aesthetic medicine and surgery now propose a remedy for everything or almost; thanks to the doctors and professionals of the sector capable and prepared, thanks to the technologies and to the intervention and treatment procedures at the forefront.

The scars are treated by laser. There are several types, one of the most used is the fractional laser, which acts deep in the dermis, creating a thermal action that strikes in a selective way and in a few fractions of seconds the affected part. In this way the thermal action is circumscribed and does not damage the surrounding tissues. Thanks to this type of laser it is possible to intervene on both old and newer scars. The latter can be erased more easily, because in this case the tissue is still being remodeled, provided that at least 6 months have elapsed since the origin of the sign, time necessary to make the skin more stable.

Fractional Laser session against scars, precedeed by Anestop application
Fractional Laser session against scars, precedeed by Anestop application

The appearance and the course of a scar, however, also depend on the age of the skin itself and also on the affected area. If the skin is young the healing times are reduced and so you can act faster, considering that often, the scar tends to appear thicker and wider, compared to the same damage on a more mature skin.

When the professional or doctor and dermatologist uses fractional laser, uses a technology that emits rays of light that resemble small close shots in order to stimulate the healing process of the skin, starting the production of collagen that involves the replacement of damaged tissue with the new.

In this process the fractional laser develops heat that could annoy the patient, causing a painful sensation, comparable to pins that sting. Surely the pain that is felt is bearable thanks to the use of a handpiece with cooling system that mitigates redness and annoyance. But to solve the problem effectively, the best professionals of aesthetic sector, entrust the skin of their patients to Anestop, the anesthetic cream with a winning formula. It should be applied 30 minutes before the session, three times spaced by 10 minutes.

Dexpanthenol is the main ingredient of Anestop and is topically used in creams for the treatment of minor skin disorders.. The concentration of this ingredient in our product is 8 %.

Topical administration of dexpanthenol may have beneficial effects on healing skin and mucous membrane lesions. Lately, it has been provided in evidence for a stabilizing effect of dexpanthenol on the skin barrier function. The main function of dexpanthenol, when topically used, is to act as a protective barrier against water loss and in order to prevent harmful substances and micro-organisms from entering the body.

Thus dexpanthenol provides an indirect anti-inflammatory effect. When topically used, dexpanthenol is not considered to have a systemic pharmacological effect (see European Pharmacopoeia), so the largest use of this compound can be found in most skin care and beauty products. According to the current scientific data, it is not obtained by metabolic, immunological or pharmacological means, since dexpanthenol is considered to have a pharmacological effect exclusively by oral or systemic assumption, but never by a topical usage at the common concentrations present in topical products.

The three anesthetics that compose Anestop are in perfect combination, and complete a very fast, effective and painless action that takes care of the skin in a total and safe way.

Facial scar, on the chin
Facial scar, on the chin


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