The Effectiveness of Anestop in facial treatments

Anestop best formula guarantees, during lip tattoo, sensitising efficacy, excellent pigment hold, bleeding content and well hydrated skin in facial treatments.

In some previous articles we talked a lot about permanent make up, tattoo and microblanding, like very popular facial treatments, aimed at improving the look and the expressiveness. Anestop Let’s dwell again on lip tattoo. Women consider breast, butt and lips, the most sensual parts of the body, so they want to enhance them more than other parts of their body. We are certainly repetitive when we say that the pain of the session restrains women; but this is only the truth. However, there is a remedy for everything, as already underlined above.

Lips: new contour and new color

The most effective solution to desensitize the lips before treatment is without doubt the use of a topical anesthetic. Anestop with its best formula based on 8% dexpanthenol in combination with three excellent natural anaesthetics: amethocaine, propitocaine and lignocaine ensures sensitizing efficacy, excellent pigment hold, bleeding content and well hydrated skin.

Anestop has undergone many scientific tests that have demonstrated the effectiveness of its ingredients.

The main function of dexpanthenol, when topically used, is to act as a protective barrier against water loss and in order to prevent harmful substances and micro-organisms from entering the body. Thus dexpanthenol provides an indirect anti-inflammatory effect. It has a function very important in beauty treatment due to its soothing, softening and vitalizing action.

In various studies it has been shown that topical application of dexpanthenol to skin lesions and wounds markedly shortens the time required to indirectly regenerate the epithelium. This indicates that dexpanthenol accelerates cell formation in the deeper lying epidermal layers. Moreover the dexpanthenol skin barrier stabilization effect is the most important factor in the Anestop formulation: a sensitive indicator of epidermal barrier function is the transepidermal water loss, that is reduced after topical application of dexpanthenol by its favourable impact on epidermal barrier lipid synthesis.

A topical anesthetic is an anesthetic that works by limiting the propagation of pain following small superficial traumas. Topical anesthetics are applied locally, at the level of the affected area, and are very effective for modulating the sensation of pain following small-scale events such as, for example, abrasions, sprains or bruises. Like many other anesthetics, the functioning of topical anesthetics is based on the deactivation of nociceptors through a modulation of the sodium ion conductance; in this way the cellular membrane of the neuron interrupts  the transmission of the nervous impulse due to the difficulty of depolarization.

A tube of Anestop

Thanks to these studies, aesthetic operators can reassure their patients and work with the conviction to rely on an excellent product.

First of all we proceed with the design, it is the operator who advises the client based on the type of skin, the natural shape of his lips and the type of effect to be obtained.

The design can only be on the contour of the lips, it can only be a light point or it can have a filling effect. The lip contour is just a definition of the natural contour of the lips and is good for those who want to accentuate it, give it a stronger shape or correct imperfections. The light point consists in making a shade or a point closer to the outer contours of the lips with a lighter color, used to create the optical illusion of fuller lips.

The semi-permanent make-up with a filling effect is often combined with the light point and consists in coloring the lips, fading the pigment towards the inside, it is mainly used on those with thin lips. In this case the color can be chosen based on the effect you want to obtain, ie natural lips or lipstick. The pigment used must be bioabsorbable and is what differentiates the semi-permanent make-up from a real tattoo.

Anesthetic cream comes into play half an hour before the session and should be used three times, every ten minutes. The experts in the field can rely on Anestop to carry out a safe, effective professional and comfortable job for their customers.

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Lip's permanent make up
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20 thoughts on “The Effectiveness of Anestop in facial treatments

  1. I have not tried to make a tattoo with my lips before. But if Anestop works with the lip tattoo, I think it works well even during microblading. I’m thinking of suggesting it to my beautician.

    1. Hi Honeyvette,
      Anestop works effectively for all the treatments you mentioned. I think your beautician would try it, she would be enthusiastic. Thank you for your comment

  2. I have not heard of this brand before but it sounds promising. Is it available overseas? Anyway I will be sure to look out for it.

    1. Hello Scott,
      Anestop is available abroad and can be purchased in the online shop of the official website. It is an Italian product,leader in the market of topical anesthetics. If you look carefully the website, you can find all the specific information about the product. Best regards

  3. This is very .informative..I’m Sure those that wish to enhance their lips but are petrified because of the pain will find this anaesthetic cream useful..

    1. Hello,
      this anesthetic cream (Anestop) solves the problem of pain and not only, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and maintains the level of hydration of the skin.
      Best regards

  4. This is a good read. I think the ingredient in Anestop like dexpanthenol is a good one since it provides an indirect anti-inflammatory effect and really good with beauty treatment due to its soothing, softening and vitalizing action.

    1. Hi LArry,
      as you say, the composition is of the highest level. It is also the only anesthetic on the market to have as many as 3 anesthetics. The other creams have at most two. This makes the difference in effects and effectiveness!
      Thank you

  5. I never knew the benefits of anestop until now. Continue to post helpful articles. Kudos.

    1. Thank you very much Rizze. Anestop is really a fantastic anaesthetic cream. Try it, it’s the only way to really realize it.
      Best regards

  6. Anesthetic cream I believe will really be helpful to a lot of people. I recommend that experts in this field should rely on Anestop to carry out a safe, effective professional and comfortable job for their customers. They will be glad they did.

    1. Thank you very much Kamsi for your beautiful comment!
      Beste regards

  7. This article is so informative.I will check this products if this is available in my country.

    1. Hello,
      Anestop is available almost everywhere with our online shop. You can contact me at this email address: so I’ll give you all the explanations.
      Best regards

  8. Oh wow the results of lips tatto ar every impressive.However,I have fat lips and the contour line naturally made. I’m afraid that if I add some ink my likps would look exagerated.

    1. Hello DAnielle,
      you should get advice from a beautician or a professional who takes care of the image. In this way you will be able to understand if and how it is the case to make a lip treatment.
      Best regards

  9. My lips are one of the most sensitive and precious parts of my body. Before I do any form of beautification or tattooing, i have to be convinced beyond reasonable doubts that it won’t harm me.

    1. Nello Janet,
      aesthetic medicine offers non-invasive treatments. For example facial treatments using microinjections that inject nutrients ingredients such as vitamins and hyaluronic acid. So from this point of view there is nothing to fear. For the pain that can be felt during treatment, doctors use topical anesthesia and our product, Anestop, is market leader.

  10. I think Anestop works in all ways. It’s not only for lip tattooing. It’s a good product.

    1. Hi Eunice,
      you said well. Anestop can be used for all treatments or surgery that require topical anesthesia. This happens in the treatments of aesthetic medicine, in the procedures of permanent hair removal, in semi-permanent makeup treatments, execution and removal of tattoos, hair transplants and also other cosmetic treatments. For any information you can also contact us privately.

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