Mesotherapy and its injections supported by Anestop

Anestop plays a very important role during mesotherapy treatments, attenuating the pain caused by the injections.

The use of Anestop in sweet aesthetic medicine is significant and important. The effectiveness of its components and its immediate action make it possible to not perceive any discomfort or pain during cosmetic treatments that are part of this particular branch of medicine. In this case, we are talking about mesotherapy, a technique used above all to treat a disease such as cellulite, water retention, skin sagging due to age, to weight changes or other causes. This treatment uses a type of topical local anesthesia, in which the use of Anestop is perfectly placed.

What is the application of this technique? The mesotherapy consists in the administration of drugs through local and intradermal injections, that is under the superficial part of the skin. Compared to the systemic administration of drugs, which involves the entry of the medicine into the circulatory system, intradermal administration acts only on the area to be treated. The absorption is minimal. What is injected immediately reaches its destination and therefore the waiting times for the drug to start working are really reduced.

Mesotherapy injections vs cellulite
Drugs through local and intradermal injections

The syringes used for injections during mesotherapy treatments have very small needles, 6 mm in length, in order to inject a small amount of the drug. At this stage, the patient, especially the most sensitive, may experience discomfort and burning caused by the puncture. And it is just before this moment that Anestop acts. As the only anesthetic in the world with a special composition (8% dexpanthenol, in combination with three high quality anesthetics: Amethocaine, Propitocaine and Lignocaine), it ensures comfort and well-hydrated skin. Always. These three anaesthetics guarantee  long duration of anaesthetic effect, high anaesthetic potency, good cutaneous absorption, intense and lasting effect, fast effect onset.

Anestop should be applied 30 minutes before the injection on the area to be treated, and should be given three times, then approximately every 10 minutes. The gel is then applied again after the treatment has been completed, before cleaning and disinfecting the skin. Anestop help to minimise skin sensation and irritation.

The injections are repeated several times in subsequent sessions and make use of a reduced amount of traditional medicine (anti-inflammatory, decontracting, vasodilators), but mainly uses homeopathic and herbal products. These are used in particular to reduce cellulite. They help drain excess fluids, improve microcirculation and optimize the metabolism of fat cells.

How to reduce cellulite with mesotherapy
Mesotherapy attenuates imperfections, such as cellulite, water retention, skin sagging

Mesotherapy is definitely an excellent treatment to fight cellulite and is often a valid alternative to cosmetic surgery and invasive treatments.

This branch of medicine also deals with other types of problems not related to the aesthetic sphere, such as painful pathologies resistant to classical treatments (rheumatism, migraine); sports injuries (tendonitis, stretching, blood circulation problems, some dermatological problems (herpes, shingles), respiratory problems (asthma, bronchitis).

To obtain results thanks to mesotherapy, the patient must undergo several sessions. The number change depending on the problem to be solved, the age, the type of skin and the area to be treated. Before starting the treatment, the doctor, after a careful examination, creates the cocktail of drugs to be injected according to the problem. Depending on the type of patient and his specific problem, substances based on vitamins, minerals, particular acids and sometimes diluted moisturizing hyaluronic acid, are selected.

The injected substances are different and carefully selected
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