Anestop: a revolutionary anaesthetic product

Anestop: a revolutionary anesthetic product

Anestop is not a simple cream used before and after professional treatments (peeling, filler, laser, dermopigmentation). It is the only medical device to have a very successful composition. Dexpanthenol is the main ingredient of Anestop. Its concentration is at 8% in combination with three excellent anaesthetics: Amethocaine, Propitocaine and Lignocaine. Also for this reason Anestop is the leader in topical anesthesia.

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One of the greatest cultural revolution of the modern age is the increasingly importance of the physical appearance. Our image is the first impact with other people and the first impression is essential. More and more men and especially women have vanity adjustment using fillers, needles or treatments often associated with pain. But instead, who said that one must suffer to be beautiful? It was true in the past, but today nothing could be more incorrect, because the real revolution is Anestop.

Used during cosmetic or aesthetic surgery, Dexpanthenol, applied topically, guarantees a high level of hydration, reducing transepidermal water loss, and maintaining skin softness and elasticity. Moreover, dexpanthenol stabilizes the normal hidrolipidic cloak and the barrier functions of the skin to the penetration of the irritating substances and microorganisms helping to prepare the skin for the treatments with the maximum comfort for the patient, thanks to an effective action of protection of the skin against the irritation.

At this purpose Dexpanthenol provides an indirect anti-inflammatory effect. As I mentioned earlier, the active substances of Dexpanthenol are in balanced combination with three others ingredients, (three anaesthetics), for a very effective result. The first component is Amethocaine has an high anaesthetic potency and long duration effects. It has also a good cutaneous absorption and short effect onset. Propitocaine is characterised by ionic flow inhibition, intermediate duration and low vasodilation. The last anaesthetic of Anestop is Lignocaine.

It is considered very important in topical anesthesia for its analgesic, anti-hyperalgesic and anti-inflammatory properties; the medium skin penetration and the intense and lasting effects. Thanks to this composition and thanks to every single ingredient, Anestop is capable of blocking the conduction of the nervous impulse, so the pain message is not transmitted to the brain.

Anestop offers safety, effectiveness, and comfort for cosmetic treatments, aesthetic procedures, cutaneous/ plastic surgery such as derma-pigmentation, botulinum toxin application, facial fillers, peeling, cosmetic tattoo or others. Remember: the real revolution for your image is Anestop.

Anestop: a revolutionary anaesthetic product
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Anestop: a revolutionary anaesthetic product
Anestop is not a simple cream used before and after professional treatments (peeling, filler, laser, dermopigmentation).
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