Day: January 27, 2018

Anestop helps tattooed skin

Tattoos market: the business is on the rise but the future is the removal

Tattoos are considered a true art form. Over the last ten years the tattoos trading increased considerably becoming a big business all over the world. A big business for ink and needles market, and in some cases for anaesthetics. People feel fashion with tattoos and especially the new generations go crazy for this practice of […]

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the local anesthesia for filler

Filler: hyaluronic acid’s miracles

Filler nowadays The simple cosmetic surgery has made gigantic steps in terms of technology and efficacy. Nowadays, beauty treatments and simple plastic surgery take place in day hospital, without the use of scalpel and without pain using topical anaesthetics only, reducing risks and severe discomforts. Topical anesthesia is a cream application on the area to […]

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Anestop beauty topical anesthesia

Dermopigmentation: the new must have for women

During these last years the importance of permanent make up for women has considerably increased. The desire to “show off” more pretty than usual develops the necessity to correct imperfections and the signs of aging by improving its own appearance through some new and efficient medical treatments. Dermopigmentation, in fact, is a sort of tattoo […]

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